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Rolling along

December 7, 2016

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Another day of Z2 was planned today. For those that may not know, Z2 is riding at below 75% of my FTP – in my case I’m able to ride at 210 watts and stay in my Z2 – unfortunately today I went outside of that number and was closer to 220 watts for my ride today. Couple that with an extra 20 minutes (110 minutes total today) and I could possibly be a bit tired tomorrow but we will see. My goal still remains to be to improve the base of time and miles that I am riding. Then as the weather warms I will be able to add shorter more intense workouts back into the mix to build speed. As I build the base I will start with 1 minute efforts and then build them a minute at a time until they reach a 5-10 minute mark. Once I reach those times then I can continue to increase the intensity of those intervals. All while still riding a higher base set of miles each week. At least that is my goal.

Food was excellent yesterday with a 300 calorie deficit at the end of the day. Keeping calories up while in the build phase is helping to not be sore the next day. Plus I am timing the carbs later at night which has helped me ride all of these rides during the week in a fasted state. Then on my weekend rides I am sure to fuel up before and during the rides. I believe this was a key ingredient to the improvement I saw on my 40+ miles on Saturday. I kept checking my Garmin bcz my power was so high compared to what I was expecting it to be. aaaahhhhh the power of carbs!!

Food today so far is going well – lots of fresh fruits and then beans and a potato for lunch. I’m kind of a sucker for beans with potatoes – I throw some hot sauce on them and bam – high protein, high carbs and low fats. Plus I get a ton of fiber from it as well, which helps for feeling full. Still holding steady on weight even with the increased time on the bike – but I did eat almost 3500 calories yesterday and almost 4000 the day before – yum!!!

Ride safe all





Spin away!

December 6, 2016

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This was the mantra today over and over in my head, just keep spinning along. I was trying to stay down in Z2 for the ride but after two days off my legs were itching to stretch out and blast a bit. I was able to reign myself back in a few times and I never really opened it up today. 90 minutes of Z2 with a few moments of Z3 thrown in.

It was a warm morning today, near 54 degrees and after my warm-up I was ready to go but after digging myself into a deep hole over the weekend with 2 1/2 hours most all of it at a tempo pace. I might want to explain what I mean by deep hole – I use training peaks to track my accumulated training loads each week. It does a pretty good job of tracking and letting me know when I have pushed myself for too long a period without enough rest. This weekend topped off a higher volume week last week than I normally ride. So I took a couple days off to recuperate. Today I had some fresher legs and was ready to go – hold on there big guy, there is a number of training days still to come this week.

Nutrition wise – yesterday was a disaster! Work travel days tend to be tough but I was doing well all the way until dinner time then I just started eating too much – the dinner was healthy but the vegan cookie with peanut butter smeared on top just wasn’t at all. Ugh – I was super tired and very hungry when I started dinner then I just gave in! I find myself doing this once in a while when I am really tired. Yesterday was that day. But back on the mend today. Luckily my weight wasn’t too effected other than having too much sodium last night and retaining water my weight was stable this morning – down 9lbs. from my high back in June.

So my warning to all is to keep hunger in check when possible by realizing what your trigger times are and trying to manage them as best you can – without bashing down a peanut butter smeared vegan cookie!! Sheesh!!

Ride safe all,



I’m signing up!

December 2, 2016

Yup – this next year I am going to do it – I’m signing up for a 3 day bike tour in Colorado.

I love Colorado. Having lived in that state for 30 years before relocating to sunny SoCal, there are times when I pine for the mountain views and the dry weather as I’m out riding. Then I realize that it is late November and I’m in short sleeves and shorts …. hmmm quite the quandary. But no matter what the weather looks like I love Colorado and am so stoked to get to go back there for this ride. I’ll have more details in the coming weeks and I’m going to journal my way through the training and nutrition I use to prep for this 3 day 235 mile ride with almost 17,000 feet of climbing. It should be a blast!

Today was a nice comfortable ride again today – 90 minutes in Z2. My goal with the Z2 time this week is to set a solid foundation for interval efforts to come in the future when the days are just a bit warmer in the morning. These chilly mornings do a number on my lungs when I crank up the intensity. So Z2 it is on colder days. Besides who doesn’t want to have a higher base level?

We are expecting high winds for tomorrow morning for the 2 1/2 hr. ride I have scheduled. That wind will be like riding the hills even though the elevation doesn’t change much (only 1300 feet of climbing scheduled). I want high Z2 average throughout but I am hoping for warmer temps as I would like to do 2-3 five minute efforts at/above my FTP. I don’t want to dig too deep a hole for myself in regards to weariness but I do have a day trip for work on Monday that is going to prevent me from any training at all that day. Then next Friday I have another work trip that runs through Tuesday where I will be without a bike – yikes! Luckily it’s early in the season so it’s all about health and foundation.

Nutrition – I will make this a regular part of entries going forward. As I have mentioned before, I am a plant-based athlete. Some people call it being vegan as well. I eat no meat, dairy or eggs.  Yes that’s right no cheese, no butter, no cheeseburgers, and no bacon. I made the switch about 2 years ago and haven’t really looked back.

What I’ll eat today:

  • post workout – Orgain vanilla bean bean 3 scoops
  • Breakfast – oatmeal with hemp seeds and agave with some pb2 powdered peanuts mixed in. 1 banana
  • Snack 1 persimmon, 1 granny smith apple
  • Lunch – 2 bananas, 2 persimmons, 1 russet potato
  • Snack – 1 banana, 1 persimmon, 1 granny smith apple

I will probably eat something else as well before dinner but this is a really great start to the day. Lots of whole foods, high fiber and really low fat contents. Plus it’s all delicious!

More to come but thanks for reading along! Ride safe