Colorado here I come

June 8, 2017

So this weekend I am participating in the death ride tour. It’s a 235 mile 3 day event with 16K in climbing. I had a great build up to this event until about March and then work and life kept me off the bike quite a bit. I’m scared but hopefully in a good way – one where I will not overdo things and will really be able to enjoy the ride. I’m coming from 700ft of elevation and we will be riding above 7500ft most days and reaching as high as 10,000 ft a few times – it should be a blast.

Nutritionally I have been happy with my Hammer Nutrition products so far on my long rides so I will keep them going while on this trip – finding vegan food may be a challenge so I will be sure to pack well. The other great addition to my training has been trailnuggets from Rodeo Adventure Labs – I have know about this product since it’s inception and was lucky enough to taste test the initial products when they first launched. They are delicious, pack well and are easy to eat. They are my only bar on long rides – I’ll try to get a link up for everyone in the next post. Stay tuned on my adventure!!

Ride safe, be well my friends.


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