Let’s get strong!

December 1, 2016

Strength is a key factor in cycling better. Today I hit the gym for some weight work and some interval running.

I do just a full body workout centered on key multi-joint exercises.Pull-ups, squats, and bench press and the main ones and then variations off them on other days. I keep the sets moving from exercise to exercise and in-between sets I run 3 minute intervals at a pace faster than my 10K pace. Right now that is only at 9:30/mi. but I’m working on that.

Once the main set work is complete – 3 or 4 sets then I add in a couple of sets of shoulder press, bicep curls and some abdominal work as well to round out the day. I eat right after the workout – I like a shake made with #Orgain protein powder as the base then I add a bit once in a while. But it gives me 21g of protein, 14g carbs and 5g of fat. I like adding .5 scoop of cytomax to it as well for additional carbs to push the nutrients into my muscles faster. Then I round out with eating a decent breakfast. 1cup organic oatmeal, 1tbs of organic hemp seeds, 1oz. organic craisins, 2 tsp of organic agave. Great all through the full macro profile and has the staying power to fuel me for a couple of hours at least.

Tomorrow I will be back on the bike spinning out more Z2 time as I try to build a very wide base of miles to start to get back to higher functional power numbers in the future.

Ride safe everyone,


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