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Christmas party navigation fail

December 19, 2015

This is how I feel right now. Of course I don’t look this good and I’m not a woman but hopefully you get the idea. LOL

I didn’t have a fail because I drank too much or ate too much crappy food – maybe a little bit. But mostly a fail because for the second week in a row I stayed out late on the night before my long ride and now I’m too tired. I’m also a bit sore, you see – the prior three days I’ve had really solid workouts in a row, with two of them being weight training with spin bike time and another being a tough interval workout. This morning on the day of my long ride – I’m tired. My mind and my body are both tired so I’ve going to relax a bit and see how I feel.

Cycling better is not all about pushing no matter what it’s also allowing yourself to reflect on how you feel and make decisions that will lead to long term happiness and success. I’m hoping I rebound a bit and at least get 30 minutes of time on the bike today, but if not I’m not going to beat myself up over it. Last I checked my bank account I didn’t get paid to ride or train (if you’d like to sponsor me please let me know)

Ride safe my friends


Some days though…

December 18, 2015

Yesterday the weather was cold… for us folks in SoCal cold is anything under 40 degrees and it was all the way down to 33 where I live – I didn’t want to get up. Most days the view looks a lot like the one above – but yesterday it was cloudy and cold. I though we even might have a chance for a flake of snow.. don’t laugh it happened last year – we got a whole two inches and people lost their minds!! It was so funny. Having lived in Syracuse, NY and Denver, CO previously I really have a great time listening to people here – and now I’m a convert. Thus my it was cold sentence above.

But some days you just have to say piss off weather – I’ve got work to do. Yesterday was that day. I still got out on the bike and knocked out my hour interval workout – The point is to maximize the time you have on the bike!

60 total minutes: 10 min warm, 3 x 10 at 85% of FTP with 5 min recovery between then a 10 min cool down.

Today was a weight room day with a quick 25 min spin bike workout in front of 40 minutes of circuit training. I felt great afterwards and now I am eating!!! Yay!

Have fun out there but please ride safe my friends!



Don’t just ride the bike

December 16, 2015

To cycle better, we need to be strong. Not only on the bike but also through our whole body – today was a day that included a full body weight workout after a tough 20 minute interval session. I’m trying to focus on hitting every muscle group in the body including legs and trying to build explosive power in the multi-joint movements I am doing.

Today was a good day! It’s now hours later and I can still feel the lasting effects of the work in the gym. I’m making sure to eat well – lots of vegan protein powder, homemade seitan, veggies and of course the fats that are important to overall well being – I’m shooting for a 30/40/30 split (Protein, Carbs, Fats) right now. My goal is to build a solid muscular body and strip away the layers of fats that have set up shop on my frame. I’ll of course keep an eye on my overall weight so as not to gain any.

Tomorrow is a travel day for work so it’s up early to get my ride on the rollers in and then make sure I pack the best food possible. Meal planning is going to have to be a way of life going forward if I am to find success. I’ve always believed you can’t out-train a bad diet. Now I’m trying my best to plan it then eat it.

ending line…. today was a good day, but tomorrow is going to be even better!


Fallen – but I’ve gotten up

December 15, 2015

I’m back – back from a long slumber on many levels – not much riding hardly any exercise at all and there were sweets…. oh the vegan sweets!

Now it’s time to pay the piper.

I’m back and have been for 3 weeks – riding indoors on the trainer and hitting the gym most weeks have 4-5 training days so far and on my off days I’m dying to be working out and not resting. The rest days are the most difficult ones for sure. Those are the days where I just want to keep pushing and get back into shape asap! But, I know I need to rest – I’m older now and need to stay fresh for the tough workouts I’m putting myself through on the other days.

No more base building for me – it’s intervals everyday on the bike now – the time of each interval may vary based on the workout but this is how to get better faster – ride hard.

Riding hard is how you get better at cycling. Today is a rest day so I’m dying to get out on the bike – it’s 60 degrees and sunny as well – torture!!!

Next I tell you all about the nutrition plan… this is where it gets fun.

Ride safe my friends.