Fasted Cardio – sounded like a good idea

December 24, 2015

This morning I put a hurt on myself – It was a good hurt, the kind that allows you to learn something about yourself and about your training. Not unlike a really long endurance ride that cracks you and teaches you about your fitness levels and if you are fueling correctly. My ride today though was short, it was indoors and it was hard. Let me back up just a bit – yesterday my nutrition plan called for a lower carb intake than normal – unfortunately I didn’t eat most of the carbs just before going to bed as I should’ve. Then I was doing an early morning workout today and no real time to eat before getting on the bike. Just a few sips of water.

Fasted and depleted cardio at it’s finest. I got hungry, not like a normal “I should eat something” hungry but a full on Hangry moment waiting to happen. Luckily for me, nobody was up when I finished and rushed into the house from the garage to find something to immediately shove in my mouth. This is where having food prepared would come in handy, but I grabbed a protein shake and slammed it down – whew! crisis averted for sure. Now time to make a proper after-workout meal

I’m totally going be honest here and say this morning taught me how weak I am. I was mentally weak today. I gave into too many excuses to stop and catch my breath. Normally I would push right through these points without issue but today I couldn’t get me head right. I had little to no power for most of my ride as well. I didn’t have the energy to push hard and my averages showed this at the end when I went back to review my effort. Some might call it a waste – but not me. No way. this was a teaching moment if there ever was one.

So what did I learn? If we want to be great for a workout, a race or just a focused day of training we must have energy. Not only for our muscles to perform but also for our mind to perform. Fasted cardio has it’s place for sure – longer steady rides where the goal is only to ride fasted and burn extra fat in a workout. Fasted cardio does not belong on a hard training day like I had planned today 2 x 20 at 80% of FTP and 2 x 10 at 85% FTP. Let me tell you that plan was out the window today! I’m really glad I had the day I had this morning – plus I get to share it with you. That’s all for today – live, ride and learn – we’re all just looking for ways to cycle better.

Ride safe my friends.


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