We are good enough

December 22, 2015

The title picture rings perfectly true – I’m sick of it. I look in the mirror, go out for a group ride, walk down the street, sit in class, check my bank account – the list could go on and on. But here’s the truth:

Not only are we good enough, we are f’ing awesome. We are badasses! Look in that mirror once again and really look. Look into those eyes and realize how far you’ve come in your life – there are a million negative things we could think of right now but I want you to see the greatness that is you as you live and breathe right this moment. Now this doesn’t mean we have to stop being better than we were yesterday. We can keep pushing for further greatness, our next promotion, leading the group ride up that last hill and then dropping them (this is a cycling blog after all).

I did the mirror exercise last week and I DID IT WRONG. I was done in about 30 seconds and when I walked away I felt no better than I had when I started except to try and pat myself on the back by saying “right on you did that”. I thought about what I had done (not done) later in the day and vowed to do it right the next time. But truth be told, I couldn’t get my head into the right space. Yesterday I finally found the right space for my head. The mirror took me almost 10 minutes of staring into it before I saw what I was looking for in my eyes. Actually it wasn’t in my eyes at all if I’m writing for full disclosure. It was so much deeper inside me where I found it. It was really something to find that part of me within the depths of what felt like my soul.

Today I feel great! I got up early, set my intention for the day and started to work the plan I’ve set. I will first and foremost be kind today. Kind to myself and others I meet during the day. This is how I can change my part of the world one interaction at a time. I will be generous with time when I can and with my attention. Investing in these interactions, building relationships or just providing support. It is not about just me.

Today try the mirror exercise for yourself – I’d love to hear what you’ve come up with for yourself or if I can help in any way. We are one people spread across this world – let’s reach out to one another and build greatness.

You are more than good enough!!

Ride safe my friends

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