Just when things are going the way you want…….

December 20, 2015
BAM!!! Yesterday was tough. I didn’t sleep super well and frankly might not have eaten how I needed to the day before – I had a holiday party that we attended and was out late and of course nobody makes Vegan food at a holiday party – I ate a bit before I left the house thinking it would be enough 20+ grams of protein and about 40 grams of carbs, then gorged a bit on simple carbs at the party – then I woke up and felt just exhausted. No energy and a very tired feeling body – I ended up skipping my workout and felt terrible almost all day long.
Truth be told – I’m a bit glad it happened. I’m not sure if it was nutrition or just good solid workouts that stressed my body to a point where it needed rest – but it helped me learn to take nutrition off the table as a possible issue – focus on eating and then let the body feel as it may.
This morning’s workout felt good but not as great as the other day – mind and body were a bit disconnected today, lots on my mind but I feel like I put in good work. I like the learning I am doing and the struggles are all part of the process. Take it easy on yourself and relax

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