Run Forest, Run!!

September 4, 2015

Run? Why would i run? Am I being chased? if so shouldn’t I just jump on my bike? It’s a faster way to escape!!

I’m a cyclist after all. Shouldn’t i cycle?

Well, yes we should be cycling. But over the years I’ve noticed that when i take a run in the middle of the week I seem to be stronger in the couple of days after the run. So then why don’t you run more?? Because I looooooove the bike! It’s just the best feeling ever to be moving along so fast. Even after all the years of riding, many times the exact same roads, I still can’t get over how great it feels.

But back to improving – I’m going to try and run at least once a week and see how it feels – I’m lucky enough to have a power meter that I can use to track the real data and not just by feel. I’ll try to keep eveyone up to date on the progress I make.

Ride safe my friends!

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