Excuses suck

September 1, 2015

Today I felt tired – I didn’t want to walk out the door at 5am in the dark to go train. Maybe it was cold or foggy…. excuses abound at 5am for sure. Don’t worry you’ll get it in later….. tomorrow you can ride more…. you know the drill I bet. We’ve all been there at times. But it’s what we do in those moments that make or break the forward progress.

Today I got my ass out the door and rode – not faster than ever but i rode and got some miles into the legs. They need them – I need them for my head to be good and clear. My bike, well it doesn’t say it needs miles but I hear the whispers it makes…. feed me – LOL

So get out and ride today – just get in a little bit if need be, but ride.

ride safe my friends.

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