Get Better – how?

August 25, 2015

This is the silver bullet question everyone wants to know. What makes me an expert or even someone with enough knowledge to write a blog on how to get better? What have you done? Good question!

When I started cycling I had no idea about HR zones or power meters, watts were something that I looked at when choosing a lightbulb. But over the years I’ve learned enough that I feel like I can help other newer cyclists or even cyclists looking for an edge to jump up to the podium.

My results – when I first got my power meter and started testing myself I was not able to ride with most groups for very long. I’d get dropped after the warm-up when I was already red-lining. My functional threshold power was under 200 (for newbies – that’s pretty low for a guy who weighed 225). Now I’m down to 195 in weight and up to 297 for an FTP – this change allows me to now not only ride with the groups but also dish out small portions of pain along the route. I’m not quite at the point to break away from them and ride off alone but when I hit the front it’s definitely game on.

So that is a quick bit on me – I’ll talk more as this goes along on how I’ve made these changes and seen the results. What I tried that didn’t work and some of my best advice and workouts.

I hope to just help those who are looking for way to Cycle Better

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